Day 3 | Session 8: Tricky conversations

Making a difference: Bereaved whānau talk about their experiences

Hearing your baby has died or is going to die stays with a parent forever. Hear first-hand bereaved whānau experiences about what was helpful/not helpful when living this heart-breaking reality. 

Melanie Sands
Chairperson, Sands NZ

Melanie is mum to four girls, but the loss of her daughter Kate and son Zac in pregnancy brought her to Sands. Sands is an organisation that supports bereaved whānau when their baby dies. She has been involved locally with Sands Hokitika/Greymouth and Sands Canterbury and is now the Chair of Sands NZ. She is passionate about bereaved whānau receiving high quality and meaningful bereavement care and support. 

The construct of hope in the cancer patient narrative

Between cancer diagnosis announce and palliative care situations, gynaecologists help women through their cancer journey. This presentation will define and illustrate how medical professionals can help patients construct hope in this narrative.

Dr Cecile Bergzoll
Gynaecological Oncologist

Dr Bergzoll is a French trained Gynaecological Oncologist. She is the current chair of the New Zealand Gynae Cancer Group, and the Director or Gynaecological Oncology training in Auckland, New Zealand. She is passionate about surgical education and clinical leadership.

What matters to your patient in hospital - shared goals of care

Shared goals of care is much more than a plan for resuscitation - did you know that the process could change your overall treatment plan or bring you closer to your patient, and it's not that hard to do...

Dr Tammy Pegg
Clinical Lead, Shared Goals Of Care, Health And Quality Safety Commission

Tammy graduated from the University of Leeds in 2000 and completed basic medical training in the UK prior to studying for a PhD at Oxford University.  Her research examined the effects of surgical revascularisation on myocardial function and injury and was shortlisted for the Vivienne Thomas American Heart Association prize for research into cardiovascular surgery and New Zealand young investigator of the year (2009).  

Tammy moved to New Zealand in 2009 where she completed advanced training in cardiology prior to moving to Nelson and Marlborough where she works as a consultant cardiologist with a specialist interest in heart failure and cardiac imaging. 

Tammy is currently the clinical lead for the shared goals of care and advanced care planning working groups with the commission.  She lives in Nelson with 2 free range children, her husband and several chickens.  

Managing disclosures of sexual violence

Practical tips regarding screening for and responding to disclosures of sexual harm in the clinical setting.

Dr Melanie Johns
Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support Lead Clinician

I am a GP, MEDSAC accredited sexual assault clinician and provider of Professional Supervision.  I've worked for Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support (previously BOPSASS) for twelve years as a forensic examiner, clinic doctor and lead clinician.  I am also chair of the Clinical Services Committee at MEDSAC.  My goal is for all clinicians, wherever they work, to have the skills to provide excellent care to patients who have experienced sexual assault.