Terms and conditions

The Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 is presented by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). Please be aware the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 will be held as a face to face event only.

1. Acceptance

By clicking “Accept and Register” I agree that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below, and acknowledge that the accuracy, credibility, validity and reliability of any information, document, recommendation, opinion, statement or otherwise contained in the ASM has not been verified by RANZCOG. I agree that I will consider my own circumstances and that RANZCOG encourages me to consider or seek professional advice on the matters in this Agreement and contained in the ASM. RANZCOG is not responsible for any outcome or result arising whatsoever from the information provided.

I agree to comply with the requirements of the RANZCOG Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions with respect to information obtained from the ASM.

2. Attendance and participation

Attendance at and participation in the ASM is for my own educational purposes, and to the extent that I am able to provide comments, feedback and other contributions I will do so in good faith, and only to express my personally held opinions.

Attendance and access to ASM materials is subject to RANZCOG’s confirmation of registration.

If the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 is unable to run in a face to face format due to circumstances outside RANZCOG's control, the event will run at a later date when the event can be facilitated and you will be duly notified. If you do not wish to proceed with attendance on the new date, you can request a full refund. Credit card surcharges will not be refunded under any circumstances.

3. COVID-19 in person attendance advice

RANZCOG will continue to closely monitor government advice regarding public gatherings and will follow all relevant health advice from the Aotearoa New Zealand government in relation to COVID-19.

We request people that are unwell with cough or fever, or other respiratory symptoms to not attend the event.

Participants are welcome wear a face mask particularly if participants are at risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and/or the incidence of COVID is moderate or high. We will make face masks and hand sanitiser available at the event.

4. Registration

Registration for the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023  includes: in person attendance at the He Hone Wahine workshop on 21 June (including catering) and at the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM from 22 - 23 June (catering of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, access to the exhibition space, access to all ASM materials) and the ASM dinner on 22 June, 2023.

Workshop registration includes the selected day/workshop only.

5. Payment 

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST. If pay by invoice is selected, payment is required within 10 working days of the invoice issue date. ASM registration cannot be confirmed until payment is received. RANZCOG will not be liable to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations. All payments must be made before 9 June 2023. 

Credit Card

Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

6. Cancellation

If for some reason you need to cancel please contact the ASM Secretariat at event@ranzcog.org.nz.  

ASM Registrant Cancellation Charges

Conditions                                                                                                                                                       Charges Applicable

If cancellation request is received in writing on or before 21 April, 2023                                             100% less 10% administration fee

If cancellation request is received in writing after 21 April, 2023.                                                         50% less 10% administration fee

If cancellation request is received in writing on or after 20 May 2023                                                  No refund available

Where there are extenuating circumstances, a refund of the registration fee may be considered by and at the discretion of RANZCOG. Credit card surcharges will not be refunded under any circumstances.  If the original payment was made with a Te Whatu Ora credit card you are required to forward the original invoice and credit note, along with RANZCOG's cancellation confirmation email to your finance team.  If the original payment was made on your personal credit card and you were reimbursed for the fee by Te Whatu Ora, you are responsible for passing the reimbursement on to Te Whatu Ora.

No refund will be paid following failure to attend without notice.

 7. Insurance

Registration fees do not include insurance. All participants are advised to procure their own insurance to cover all risks including (but not limited to) costs of registration and ticket fees, personal property, health and medical expenses, injury, death, any travel and accommodation, and all other risks. RANZCOG will not be held liable for any claims under any circumstances.

The participant acknowledges if they choose to attend the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 this is at their own discretion, and they are responsible for seeking advice on refunds or cancellations prior to booking travel and accommodation should any enforced restrictions be announced.

In addition, the participant acknowledges they are personally liable to follow and comply with any advice and mandatory quarantine requirements set by the Aotearoa New Zealand Government prior to, at the time of the event, or after the conclusion of the event, at their own expense.

8. ASM Content

Information shared presenters at the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 is the opinion of the presenter alone, and RANZCOG does not endorse, nor verify the accuracy, credibility, validity, and reliability of any Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 material.

I will assess the suitability of the ASM for my own personal educational purposes, and the use of or reliance on the ASM materials is at my own risk. RANZCOG will not be responsible for any use of or reliance on the ASM materials.

The ASM organisers reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the programme (including activities, topics, timings and presenters) where necessary.

9. Code of Conduct

By agreeing to the event’s Terms and Conditions, delegates are expected to behave in a professional and appropriate manner consistent with the RANZCOG Code of Conduct.

10. Allocation of CPD hours 

Please note that registered Fellows will automatically receive CPD hours for their participation in the ASM. CPD hours terms and conditions will be published before the event. Other registrants who require an attendance certificate should request from the NZ office in writing at event@ranzcog.org.nz.

11. Copyright & Intellectual Property

The owner of the RANZCOG Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 material grants me a revocable licence to use the material for my own personal educational purposes. I agree that I must not use or commercialise the RANZCOG Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 material for my own commercial gain.

 By submitting a request to register, I will comply with RANZCOG’s policies and requirements relating to intellectual property rights.

12. Consent & Confidentiality

I will not disclose RANZCOG's confidential information without prior written consent.

RANZCOG may collect my personal information for the administration of the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023, for security, legal, future marketing, and promotional purposes; in accordance with its privacy policy.

RANZCOG agrees that it will not disclose your confidential information without your prior written consent, except where required to facilitate the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 or where required by law.

By completing this registration form, I give permission for my details to be made available to the ASM organisers. My name and organisation will be included in the participant list unless I express in the registration that I do not wish to be included in the participant list. Delegates’ full name, city and work place will be provided to the exhibitors supporting our event. 

13. In General

Unless required by an applicable law, RANZCOG will not be responsible for any direct or indirect costs or losses incurred in any circumstances.

To the extent permitted by law, any statutory or other warranty, condition, description, or recourse, express or implied as to the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023 is expressly excluded by RANZCOG.

14. Further information

For further information please contact RANZCOG ASM Secretariat.

Email: event@ranzcog.org.nz

Phone: +64 (0)4 472 4608

Website: www.nzasm.org.nz

15. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions:

Confidential information of a party means any information, including Personal information, which is notified to be confidential, or which is confident by nature.

Information means any information, document, recommendation, opinion, statement or otherwise published, commented, posted, or otherwise made available in the ASM.

Intellectual Property means information, trademarks, patents, designs, circuit layouts, copyrights, know-how and all other rights.

Personal information means personal, sensitive or health information of or about an individual within the meaning of Privacy Act.

ASM means any event, course, workshop, conference, meeting, presentation, exhibition or information session conducted at the Aotearoa New Zealand ASM 2023.