Day 1 | Te Arawa Health Strategy: Te Ara ki Tikitiki o Rangi

Te Ara ki Tikitiki o Rangi framework is a strategy based on matauranga a Iwi developed to enable the health system to work towards attaining optimum health outcomes for everyone in our community. Literally, Te Ara ki means ‘The pathway to…’ If we align our thinking to Te Ao Māori, we are climbing the many steps toward the uppermost level which is the twelfth (12) heaven. This journey is referred to as traversing ‘Tikitiki o Rangi’.

Mapihi Raharuhi
Te Tai Urungi – Director Equity Outcomes – Te Aka Whai Ora, Lakes

Te Arawa Ngati Maniapoto

As an impact strategist, I bring my experience navigating political contexts in Māori and government systems and structures that activate senior leadership-initiating relationships and networks. My ability to strategically influence senior decision-makers and leaders to align their mindsets and objectives with the values of Māori whānau, hapū, and the wider community has been honed over my professional career. I have specialist skills in tactfully investing resources that promote transformational change in whānau and communities while leading a workforce that is inspired and motivated to produce results in highly bureaucratic environments.  I pride myself in applying Mana Tangata as a principle of engagement, keeping people at the centre of engagement, management, and risk.

I am currently Director – Equity Outcomes for Te Aka Whai Ora, Lakes. Leading a team of nine to develop and implement the Lakes Equity Plan to achieve better outcomes for Māori Health.